The Gilded Cage

by Blaze Ward

Javier still tinkers with his machines, tends his gardens and his chicken, despite being a slave, held by pirates.

Who are just starting to realize how important the Science Officer is becoming.

When Wilhelmina returns, with news that the ship's Dragoon, Djamila Sykora has been kidnapped, all bets are off regarding who survives. And who doesn't.

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The Gilded Cage explores relationships, honor, the meaning of evil, as well as the importance of blowing up shit. Be sure to read all the novellas in the completed Science Officer series, starting with The Science Officer.

Part of the Alexandria Station universe.

Publisher: Knotted Road Press

About the Author

Blaze Ward writes science fiction in the Alexandria Station universe (Jessica Keller, The Science Officer,  The Story Road, etc.) as well as several other science fiction universes, such as Star Dragon, the Collective, and more. He also writes odd bits of high fantasy with swords and orcs. In addition, he is the Editor and Publisher of Boundary Shock Quarterly Magazine. You can find out more at his website, as well as Facebook, Goodreads, and other places.
Blaze's works are available as ebooks, paper, and audio, and can be found at a variety of online vendors. His newsletter comes out monthly, and you can also follow his blog on his website. He really enjoys interacting with fans, and looks forward to any and all questions—even ones about his books!
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