Zoha Kazemi

Zoha Kazemi is an Iranian speculative fiction writer, creative writing lecturer and editor, known for her creative and bold dystopian world-building.

She was born in 1982, in Tehran and is currently living there. Zoha earned an engineering BS and an MA in English literature and started writing and publishing stories in 2011. She writes in Persian and English.

Zoha Kazemi has (to date) published more than a dozen novels, plus short story collections, and flash fiction in Iran. Her novels “Rain Born” and “Year of the Tree” (translated by Caroline Croskery, Candle and Fog Publications) are available in English. She has twice won the Noofe award for the best speculative novel in Iran, and has received acknowledgement from Noofe for her first sci-fi novel. She writes in many science fiction sub-genres including bio-punk, alien invasion, post-apocalypse, time travel, space travel and more. Her bookshop in Tehran, “Rama Bookstore,” specializes in speculative fiction. 


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