Refund and Returns Policy

Also known as OOPPS! I bought the wrong book!

Mistakes happen. Sometimes you click that buy button and put something into your cart that you didn’t mean to. Or maybe you accidentally put two of the same book into your cart when you only meant to put in one.

We get it. Really.

Just send us an email. We’ll make it right.

Or maybe you’re halfway through a book and realize that it doesn’t align with your values.

Let us make it right. Just email us.

We want our readers to trust us, to trust that they can buy books directly from us. Sometimes the book delivery doesn’t go through. Or the book you downloaded isn’t what you expected. Or somehow the payment system got messed us.

Mistakes happen. Please reach out to us, tell us what went wrong, and give us the opportunity to work with you and fix the problem.

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