Consensus at Aditi

First Centurion Phil Kosnett, Explorer Extraordinaire! Come travel with him through unknown reaches of space, meeting allies and friends, potential enemies, and of course, pirates.



Phil’s victory at Vilahana opens up the interior of the Balhee Cluster to diplomacy and trade, even as it upends centuries of piracy by all the major players. But the Ingham Syndicate won’t go down easy.

Basant Utkin—Commander of the pirate Enforcer Tango—starts a civil war against his own bosses. He recruits every warship he can find on his side to help him carve out a new Pirate Kingdom.

First Centurion Kosnett must gather all his new friends and stop Basant. If he can.

Book Two of a new Republic of Aquitaine Navy series: First Centurion Kosnett, and a sequel to The Jessica Keller Chronicles. Be sure to read Book One: Encounter at Vilahana before moving on to Hegemony at Dalou.

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Consensus at Aditi CoverConsensus at Aditi