Hegemony at Dalou

First Centurion Phil Kosnett, Explorer Extraordinaire! Come travel with him through unknown reaches of space, meeting allies and friends, potential enemies, and of course, pirates.



With Meerut secured, First Centurion Kosnett asks Dalou for permission to present the Captain of Morninghawk with the Republic Cross, at the Dalou capital.

This sets in motion a chain of events that threatens to bring down the entire Hegemony, unless the Shogun, the Emperor, and the Republic of Aquitaine Navy can find a way to keep an uneasy peace.

Book Three of a new Republic of Aquitaine Navy series: First Centurion Kosnett, and a sequel to The Jessica Keller Chronicles. Be sure to start with Book One: Encounter at Vilahana.)

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Hegemony At Dalou CoverHegemony at Dalou