02 To Scratch a Witch

02 To Scratch a Witch


The next vision of a dead person comes to AJ while she’s researching the death of the ghost who haunts the inn.

Now, she has not one, but two mysteries to solve. And they appear to be intertwined. While starting up her own psychic business. Plus, all the craziness that Halloween brings to a small town.

If that wasn’t enough, she’s still dealing with midlife female issues.

And the charming, smart, cute town historian might be interested in her.

He might also be the killer…

To Scratch a Witch—a cozy paranormal woman’s mystery—continues the adventures of AJ, the quirky characters of the charming small town of Milltown, and the ghost from the inn who’s shredding every stray piece of paper she can find.

The second of the water witch mysteries.

Let the water—and the magic—flow.

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To Scratch a Witch Cover02 To Scratch a Witch