The Science Officer Omnibus 2

The Science Officer Omnibus 2

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Javier enjoys life as a pirate, for the most part. The crew welcomes him. The Captain relies on him. One of these days, he will even get around to killing Djamila Sykora.


Until Valko Slavkov decides to start a war and comes after Storm Gauntlet. Javier must decide what to do with his life, because the war will not be settled easily, and he will need Zakhar’s help. And Suvi. And Djamila.

Because when Javier gets angry, the whole Concord will take notice.

Javier Aritza, our sarcastic and quirky hero, returns for the next four novellas of the Science Officer, a fast-paced, action-packed science fiction series.

Included in Omnibus #2

“The Doomsday Vault”

“The Last Flagship”

“The Hammerfield Gambit”

“The Hammerfield Payoff”

Part of the Alexandria Station universe.

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Science Officer Omnibus 2The Science Officer Omnibus 2