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Lydia runs her own B&B and restaurant in the tourist town of Lake Hope, in Central Washington. Though she works all the time, she enjoys the challenge. Family and good friends keep her spirits up, but no special someone that rocks her world. Just guests and customers that come through regularly, including her least favorite, the retired principal of the local high school that everyone hates.

When the principal turns up dead, stabbed by one of the letter openers that Lydia sells right there at the gift shop of her B&B, of course the police turn their attention to her. Not just the local cops, either, but the (alright, admittedly dreamy) detective they bring in from the city.

What can Lydia do to clear not only her name, but her friends? Lots of twists and turns abound, as well as fabulous advice from her dear gay uncles: Ed, Al, and their cat, Poe.

The Purloined Letter Opener introduces the marvelously charming community of Lake Hope, located in the heart of Washington State’s wine country. Meet its quirky occupants, solve a mystery or two, and yeah, maybe find that someone special as well.

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