The Fairy-Bridge Troll


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Christine works hard every night to rebuild the fairy bridge to Trollsville and the other worlds–the one she destroyed in order to claim her magical power.

But the rocks fight her. Does the bridge not want to be repaired? Or did Christine take the wrong advice (from humans, of course) about how it should go together?

Can she figure out the proper way to reassemble the bridge? Who can she trust?

And what will she do once she finally finishes her duty and crosses over?

The Fairy Bridge Troll–the final novel in the Seattle Trolls trilogy–continues the coming-of-age journey of Christine, a changeling, as she takes control of her Destiny, and in the end, her life. Be sure to read the first two books that start this trilogy, The Changeling Troll and The Princess Troll.

Also read the continuing adventures of Christine in the Troll Wars trilogy.

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The Fairy-Bridge Troll