14 Series and Continuity for Professional Writers

14 Series and Continuity for Professional Writers


These days, your readers want series. That chance to revisit their favorite characters over and over, to see where their lives are going next.

Television has spoiled them for long arcs of story spanning seasons, rather than episodes. You need to adapt to this new world.

Learn to write in series, expanding your stories into greater and greater tales.

Topics we cover:

Writing faster and cleaner
Writing series that your fans will want to read
Continuity encyclopedias (or, how to not have to spend hours looking up some detail)
Extending your universe with spin-offs and things
Thoughts on marketing your series
Ending things before everyone gets bored.
This is a 201-level book, taking you from writing novels to that place where you are turning a quarter of a million or more words into one long, engaging story that your fans just can’t put down.

Be sure to read the entire Business For Breakfast books and see how it can help you improve your writing craft and up your publishing game.

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14 Series and Continuity for Professional Writers