Ruins of the Gods

Ruins of the Gods

Join Tanelith the Elf as she quests for answers in a world of fallen gods and ancient mysteries, finding adventure, betrayal, allies, enemies, and eventually, redemption.


Tanelith only knows the ruins of one of the crashed cities. Myths say that the gods used to live there, floating in palaces far above the ground.

The other races—like the Dwarves and the Humans—blame Tanelith’s people, the Elves, for the ancient war, for how far the rest of them have fallen.

And artifacts still hide among the broken walls and buildings. Miracles and mysteries.

When slavers drag Tanelith to the Human lands, she witnesses the hatred that causes people to treat her kind like animals. She must escape.

But can the past save the Elves from the hatred of the other races? Can the future?

Ruins of the Gods—the first in a new epic dark fantasy series— follows Tanelith as she struggles to find her place in the world, and to confront the gods that abandoned and betrayed them all.

Be sure to read the rest of the books in this finished series!

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