Project Nemesis

Project Nemesis

Leverage meets Star Trek. Cons. Snark. And oh, yeah, cursing in Hungarian. What more do you need from a shiny new finished science fiction series?


The Universal Trading Cartel has Judit trapped.

Her choices stink: prison down on a planet, or serving the Cartel as another peon in their soul-crushing machine.

Her savior? An alien trying to break the stranglehold the Cartel has over all trade.

Her job? Command an experimental spaceship containing more secrets than anyone will ever imagine, let alone believe. Enough to get them all killed if the truth ever comes out.

Her shadowy boss calls it Project Nemesis.

She’ll be free of the Cartel or die trying.

Project Nemesis—the first book in the new space opera series The Long Run—takes you on a wild ride with aliens, corporate espionage, and, oh yeah, lots of snark.

Be sure to read all the books in this completed series!

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Project NemesisProject Nemesis