Graves of the Gods

Join Tanelith the Elf as she quests for answers in a world of fallen gods and ancient mysteries, finding adventure, betrayal, allies, enemies, and eventually, redemption.



The last flying city totters on the edge of death, of falling gracelessly to the earth and becoming its own ruin.

The dwarves use one of the lost, god-killing weapons from the War of Betrayal, devastating the elves who have come to help Tanelith in her quest to free her people from slavery.

The humans also gather to destroy Tanelith and her dreams.

Can she find the allies, and more importantly, the magic, necessary to beat back all of her adversaries?

Graves of the Gods—the final book in this epic dark fantasy series—follows Tanelith through dark and abandoned places, both in the world as well as in her soul.

Be sure to pick up the earlier books in this completed series!

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Graves of the Gods