Domain at Yaumgan

First Centurion Phil Kosnett, Explorer Extraordinaire! Come travel with him through unknown reaches of space, meeting allies and friends, potential enemies, and of course, pirates.



The Domain of Yaumgan live quiet, contemplative lives in the back corner of the Balhee Cluster. However, under that calm facade lurk ancient and terrible secrets that must be dealt with, when their past catches up with them in the form of an invading fleet.

First Centurion Kosnett must round up all his allies, however unfriendly, and convince them to stand with him against the greatest threat the Cluster has ever faced.

The stunning conclusion of the new Republic of Aquitaine Navy series: First Centurion Kosnett, and a sequel to The Jessica Keller Chronicles. Be sure to read all five previous books, starting with Encounter at Vilahana.

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Domain at Yaumgan CoverDomain at Yaumgan