Dancer in Darkness

Dancer in Darkness

No longer a Seattle cop, Halley Brown formed her own private investigator agency. Her latest client, the fabulous gender-bending performance artist  Phoenix, wants her to investigate the serial killer Dancer in Darkness.

Dancer’s latest victim? A drag queen.

The LGBTQ+ community have no faith in the police, and need Halley to find them justice.

Halley wants nothing to do with the SPD, but has no choice as bodies start piling up. The police need what she knows from the community. They might even listen to her.

But sometimes, investigating one crime opens an even worse can of worms.

Dancer in Darkness—the first Halley Brown mystery—introduces a wide range of believable characters, a dark twisted plot, and a mystery that will keep you guessing. Come along for the ride, then stay for the secrets revealed.

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