Cities of the Gods

Cities of the Gods

Join Tanelith the Elf as she quests for answers in a world of fallen gods and ancient mysteries, finding adventure, betrayal, allies, enemies, and eventually, redemption.


Tanelith lives her greatest dream: to rise up to one of the cities of the gods, to walk the streets of her ancestors, to see her people rightfully proud and living in beauty.

But the beautiful murals hide terrible secrets. As do the elders who rule the place.

Will they help those Tanelith has left, on the ground below?

And what will be their price?

Cities of the Gods—the third book in this epic dark fantasy series—follows Tanelith through gilded halls and magical landscapes, still seeking solace for her people.

Be sure to read the rest of the books in this finished series!

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Cities of the Gods CoverCities of the Gods