Birth of the Star Dragon

Birth of the Star Dragon


*An Earth Force Sky Patrol File: Solar Year 2387*

Two tiny lizardmen scientists/criminals power up their illegal wormhole generator, getting ready to kidnap their next victim by pulling the poor human across the galaxy in an instant, forever trapping him in the Accord of Souls.

Maybe this human won’t destroy everything they love.

The last human they kidnaped killed the big boss, took over their criminal gang, and now, threatens to conquer the entire galaxy.

The problem? Despite being criminals, the human they want to kidnap is a cop.

What could possibly go wrong?

*Birth of the Star Dragon*—science fiction written with an 1950s pulp flair—opens new vistas for readers of Blaze Ward. Fantastic, weird worlds, populated by aliens, criminals, and, oh yeah, one human cop.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the rest of the Star Dragon series!

Previously published as *Awaken the Star Dragon*.

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