A Dragon’s Guide to Killing Gods (And Other Lies)

A Dragon’s Guide to Killing Gods (And Other Lies)

The perfect cozy mix of dragons, myths, gods, magic, and found family.

An evil wizard tries to transform the great champion Killian into a common garter snake.

The spell misfires (or the fates intervene) and Killian instead becomes a dragon.

Swell. Now what?

Killian can’t wield his sword and lead his men into battle. Can’t speak. Can’t even shoot a majestic gout of fire but only spits a measly dribble of acid. (Which honestly? Kinda gross.)

Thus begins the tale of the dragon named Talon, and his eventual fight with a God.

Well, maybe just a demi-god.

Okay, all right. Perhaps the person in question doesn’t have any divinity at all.

He will have you know that he is Someone Important, though.

Plus all the other lies…

Welcome to this lovely cozy fantasy filled with humor, found family, and plenty of breaking of the fourth wall. Prepare to be swept away into this somewhat silly world full of wit and heart, with adventures you’ll love reading about again and again.



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