HeaderLogoSmallLEAD the difference champions human value and seeks partners with organizations who see their employees as an inextricable foundation to success. We exist to create environments where people can thrive. We apply research acumen and consulting services to design and implement a Human Centric Strategy specific to organizational culture and readiness. A Human Centric Strategy includes thinking, planning and decision-making that are people or social centered against overall strategy.

As a global thought leader in organizational Human Centric Strategy, our vision is to shift the way businesses function by fully integrating human value to the overall business impact. We design Human Centric Strategy systems to bring unrealized value to organizations globally. These systems are designed around organizational purpose and in partnership with leaders in Strategy, Finance and HR. They are accountable to deliver improved retention, innovation and long-term performance. They serve to reframe organizational strategy to realize human value as a core component of viability, innovation, social responsibility and long-term growth.

LEAD the difference brings more than 25 years of qualitative research and change-consulting practice. Through key engagements, our consultants have led research-based initiatives in myriad organizations, from Fortune 500 to some of the largest non-profit healthcare systems in the nation.

You can contact LEAD the Difference at Inquiries@leadthedifference.com.

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