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Flight of the Blackbird

New novel by Blaze Ward, generally available June 2017!

Jessica Keller’s conquest of an Imperial world drives the Fribourg Empire to seek a 25-year Peace with Aquitaine.

Now the harder challenge awaits: an Invitation from the Red Admiral to his youngest daughter’s wedding. On the Imperial Capital world of St. Legier. Just her and the crew of Kali-ma.

Who can she trust? What traps and conspiracies await?

Flight of the Blackbird continues the story of Jessica Keller, Aquitaine’s premier Fleet Centurion. Be sure to enjoy the rest of the series: Auberon, Queen of the Pirates, Last of the Immortals, and Goddess of War.

Available for pre-order at: Amazon, Kobo Books, Barnes & Noble, and iBookstore.


New short story from Blaze Ward, available April 10th, 2017! Third in the Hive series.

Hive’s rockets have conquered the Moon. Now she dreams of leaving the Earth forever on a sleek, new rocketship.

But the enormous risks darken her precognitive vision. She must roll the dice on her greatest gamble and cast herself into the final frontier, seeking out a new world she and her daughters can colonize where mankind will never find them.

Be sure to also read the first two Hive stories: Myrmidons and Moonshot.

Available for pre-order from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

Generally available April 10th, 2017.


The Immortals’ War

cutter_theimmortalswar_600x900Novel by Leah Cutter, now available!

Tong Yi lives in Taiwan and works as a messenger for Huli Transport—a company that specializes in delivering messages and packages for non–humans. He values his oath to the company and makes heroic efforts to ensure the messages entrusted to him arrive safely and on time.

However, between the awesome motorcycle he rides who insists of “dancing” with him by fishtailing and trying to dump him every chance she gets, and the brewing war between the non–humans, “…or die trying” seems more likely with every message he delivers.

And then his brother turns up as a combatant, and possibly his enemy…

If you enjoy Chinese myths and legends woven into a modern story, you’ll love “The Immortals’ War.”

Available from your favorite retailers.

Uniforms of the Fleet: Volume 1

Authored by Blaze Ward, Illustrated by Shannon Marie Chavez.

Now available!

You fell in love with Jessica Keller and her crew, now see what they look like.

This collection of color plates and descriptions showcases a dozen of your favorite characters, from Jessica and Moirrey to Denis and Dash.

Every plate shows a different uniform, complete with a brief character description, as well as sections on uniform design, insignia, and medals.

Finally, see what Auberon’s Badge looks like as well as Athena.

No fan’s collection is complete without Uniforms of the Fleet, Volume One. Get your copy today.

Available at your favorite retailers.

Steam. And Dragons

From an evil genius desperate for his toast; to an ancient dragon enjoying a modern coffee shop; to amusement parks with dragon rides; and heart-lurching flights with steam-powered beasts; these tales will catapult you into an adventurous journey to the far side of your imagination. Funny, frightening, melancholy, but always memorable, they will touch your heart and leave you with a sense of wonder.

A gem for lovers of diverse fiction and wild rides.

Also be sure to pick up the other two Campcon anthologies! Tales From an Alien Campfire and Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Magic.


Available from your favorite retailers.

The Bee-Keeper’s Daughter

A ghostly swarm of bees haunt Elizabeth. They coat strangers in pollen while holding her still, making her watch.
Then they come for her. Sting her. Give her magical power, but at such a cost.
Why do they attack her? What do they want? And how can she make them go away?
Set in the same world as “The Midnight Gardener” and “Lost Stars”.
Part of the Uncollected Anthology series, written for the theme, “Bewitching Love.”

Available at your favorite retailers!

Part of the Uncollected Anthology!

Haunted Bundle

Bundle of stories that contains Leah Cutter’s gothic horror story: Dreams of Saffron and Lace.

Have you ever felt as though someone was watching you, but when you turned around no one was there?

How many times have you been unable to find something, then it later turned up in the exact place you’d searched over and over?

Why does your cat act as though it’s staring at something, even though you can’t see anything?

Just because you can’t see anything doesn’t mean there isn’t something there…

But don’t worry. Ghosts aren’t real.

Or are they?

This collection contains stories about ghosts, hauntings, and mysterious things by twenty different authors.

Available only at BundleRabbit: Pay a minimum of $2.99 and receive the small version of the bundle with 8 books.

Only on BundleRabbit can you allocate some of your payment to a charity.

Or pay the minimum of $3.99 and receive all 20 ebooks.

This option is also available at Kobo, Amazon, iBooks, and Barns & Noble.

Beyond the Mirror, Volume 4: Dramatic Worlds

Fixer. Fast-talker. Philosopher. Cisco protects the little people, the ones that the mob and the FBI would just roll over in their eternal war.

From capers to courtship, join this modern-day paladin in his adventures, hard-boiled and hard edged, silly and sublime.

Four stage plays starring Cisco and FBI Special Agent Jefferson against mooks, thugs, and Feds.

If you’ve enjoyed Blaze Ward’s other fascinating characters, you’ll love reading these plays!

Available at your favorite retailers! 


Business for Breakfast, Volume 5: Business Planning for Professional Publishers

So. You’d like to take your publishing business to the next level, and want to create a business plan to help you get there. But all of those stupid business books make no sense. They were not written for you.
The writers of those books mean well. But they’re talking to other business types and MBAs. If you hate spreadsheets, and have problems understanding business books, this one (and this series!) may be just what you need.

Be sure to read the other books in this series:
Volume 1: The Beginning Professional Writer
Volume 2: The Beginning Professional Publisher
Volume 3: The Beginning Professional Storyteller
Volume 4: The Intermediate Professional Storyteller

Generally available at your favorite retailers.


Goddess of War

Goddess_600x900New novel by Blaze Ward, now available!

Jessica faces her most intimidating, most intriguing invitation: Dinner with the president of the Republic of Aquitaine.

The Presidential Palace lives up to its name, along with the stellar company invited for private dinner. All women of the highest rank.

Of course the Frieberg Empire would dismiss such a gathering, never believing the audacious plan these women have hatched…

Goddess of War—the fourth novel in The Chronicles of Jessica Keller—presents unique challenges for Jessica and her crew in this far-reaching space adventure.


Available at your favorite retailers!

Be sure to read the first three books in The Chronicles of Jessica Keller:
Queen of the Pirates
Last of the Immortals

 The Island Sampler


Like many writers, Leah Cutter writes all over the map.

She has figured out a way to group her stories together, by time (Past/Present/Future) as well as by energy level (Languid/Exciting/Pulse Pounder).

Then she mapped out all of her novels, and discovered she had five “islands”.

It was time for a treasure map!

Come and taste the flavor of each of Leah Cutter’s very different islands. You may only find one island that delights you, or perhaps you’ll love them all…

For more information (and a picture of The Map) visit Leah Cutter’s site:

Available for $0.99 at your favorite retailers. Or get a copy for free by signing up for Leah’s newsletter!


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