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Flight of the Blackbird

New novel by Blaze Ward!

Jessica Keller’s conquest of an Imperial world drives the Fribourg Empire to seek a 25-year Peace with Aquitaine.

Now the harder challenge awaits: an Invitation from the Red Admiral to his youngest daughter’s wedding. On the Imperial Capital world of St. Legier. Just her and the crew of Kali-ma.

Who can she trust? What traps and conspiracies await?

Flight of the Blackbird continues the story of Jessica Keller, Aquitaine’s premier Fleet Centurion. Be sure to enjoy the rest of the series: Auberon, Queen of the Pirates, Last of the Immortals, and Goddess of War.

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The Doomsday Vault

New Science Officer novella from Blaze Ward, generally available August 10th!

It seemed like a legitimate heist when someone hired Storm Gauntlet and her crew to go hijack some cargo. Pirate ships did that sort of thing.

However, whoever hired them didn’t count on the Science Officer’s sneakiness. Paranoia. Whatever.

The situation didn’t make sense. No one would deliver cargo to a dead planet. It had to be a trap. Someone had set them up.

But who? And why?

The Doomsday Vault follows the adventures of Javier Aritza, Suvi, and the rest of the crew of Storm Gauntlet in a story with unexpected twists, as well as surprising consequences.

This is the fifth novella in the Science Officer series, and the beginning of the mini-series, “War of the Pirate Clans”, to be continued in the next novella, The Last Flagship.

Part of the Alexandria Station universe.

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The Science Officer Omnibus 1

New collection from Blaze Ward, generally available July 14th.

The first four novellas of Blaze Ward’s Science Officer series collected together for the first time!

Javier lives quite happily on his long-range scout. Alone. Away from everyone, with his chickens, his fruit trees, and Suvi, an artificial intelligence who keeps him company and runs the ship.

When space pirates attack Javier’s ship, they get much more than they bargained for.

Much more.

Join Javier Aritza, a sarcastic and quirky hero, in the first four novellas of the Science Officer, a fast-paced, action-packed science fiction series.

Included in Omnibus 1:
“The Science Officer”
“The Mindfield”
“The Gilded Cage”
“The Pleasure Dome”

Part of the Alexandria Station universe.

Available at your favorite retailers! 

The Harps of the Six Kingdoms

Jacob’s wife died in childbirth.

She shouldn’t have.

But magic exists only in the land of the Six Kingdoms. Not on the mainland where Jacobs lives. No healer could save his wife.

What can Jacob, a simple boot maker, do to address such inequality? Or Zara, a girl raised in the streets? Or Brother Isadore, the priest behind a grand plan to change everything?

Lush detail, wildly-creative magic, and a page-turning ending, make this dark, epic fantasy a tale for all ages, with something for every fantasy reader.

Available August 22nd at your favorite retailers.


The Fairy Boy-Band

Oswald just wants to enjoy the peace and quiet of his suburban home.

But he can’t. Not with the stupid fairies playing music in his backyard.

Every. Single. Night.

But what can a poor human do? He agreed to the arrangement. The home owners association papers had spelled the time-share out quite clearly.

Still, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Particularly when dealing with a fairy boy-band.

Part of the Uncollected Anthology! Be sure to read all the stories from this issue, “Mystical Melodies”.

Available at your favorite retailers!

Part of the Uncollected Anthology!

Alternative Truths

Alternative Truths is a look at the post-election America that is, or will be, or could be. We attach no manacles to the word truth to bind it to our visions. Instead we free it to find its own way through the minds of the two dozen writers who have shared their vision of the future in either sensitively written allegorical tales such as Relics by Louise Marley, a woman who grew up bucking hay in Montana and moved on to a talented musical performer and successful novelist; or the raw humor of Adam Troy-Castro in his Q & A, which takes on the verbal veracity of Donald J. Trump.

Jim Wright (of Stonekettle Station) imagines Trump giving the Gettysburg Address. Blaze Ward, Daniel Kimmel, Janka Hobbs and I explore dystopias. Marleen Barr and Adam Troy-Castro envision humorous, kinky, and scatological endings. What can I say? It rocks.

Available at Amazon.

The Pleasure Dome

New Science Officer novella by Blaze Ward, now available!

As Captain Navarre, the Science Officer rescued his greatest enemy and destroyed her captors.

Now, someone else wants to hire the ruthless pirate Navarre, and Javier must take Sykora with him to help.

Their mission? To raid the most luxurious starship in space: Shangdu, The Pleasure Dome.

Be sure to enjoy the other books in The Science Officer series: The Science Officer, The Mind Field, and The Gilded Cage. Part of the Alexandria Station universe.


Available at your favorite retailers!

AFTER Bundle

A boxed set of uniquely different post-apocalyptic novels, featuring characters just like you. What would you be willing to do to survive? A five-book boxed set, featuring Of Myst and Folly by Leah Cutter.

Available at your favorite retailers!






The Dwarven Wars

New novel by Leah Cutter!

The Old One will not rest until he destroys the Greater Oregon Fairy Kingdom. Warrior, servant, and royal alike face death.

Old world dwarves threaten as well, plotting a genocidal invasion to steal all the magic in the new land.

Nora’s revenge against the Old One will not be stayed, even as her twin brother, Dale, makes peace with the ancient being.

Double-crosses and twisted plans abound in the last book of the Clockwork Fairy Kingdom trilogy, The Dwarven Wars. A fast-paced New Adult fantasy story that always leaves you guessing!

Available at your favorite retailers!

Be sure to read the first two books in the trilogy, The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom and The Maker, the Teacher, and the Monster.

The Rabbit Mysteries

New collection by Leah Cutter! Available June 21st.

Rabbit works as a law clerk, spending his days with contracts and land leases. At night, however, he spends times with his friends and solving mysteries.

Collected together for the first time are all the Rabbit stories, which take place during the Tang dynasty, in China.

Included in this collection are:

The Curious Case of Rabbit and the Temple Goddess
Rabbit and the Mysteriously Missing Daughter
The Strange Mystery of Rabbit and the Stolen Song
Rabbit, The Dastardly Thief, and the Disappearing Dragon

Plus Old Friends, a story about Wei Fu, Rabbit’s master in the later tales.



New short story from Blaze Ward, now available! Third in the Hive series.

Hive’s rockets have conquered the Moon. Now she dreams of leaving the Earth forever on a sleek, new rocketship.

But the enormous risks darken her precognitive vision. She must roll the dice on her greatest gamble and cast herself into the final frontier, seeking out a new world she and her daughters can colonize where mankind will never find them.

Be sure to also read the first two Hive stories: Myrmidons and Moonshot.

Available from your favorite retailers.

Hiding Behind the Cowl

New anthology, edited by Blaze Ward, with stories by Leah Cutter and Blaze Ward. Available May 2nd.

Why does someone decide to become a superhero? What makes them wake up one morning and put on a mask to fight crime?

These five stories explore that theme, from Coming of Age to hiding your identity for the safety of your family.

From light and fast to dark and deadly, come with us on an emotional journey into superheroic worlds.

Featuring stories by Annie Reed, Leah Cutter, Blaze Ward, J.D. Brink, and Michael Kingswood.

Available for preorder from Amazon, Kobo Books, iBooks, Barnes & Noble.

Generally available May 2nd, 2017.

The Immortals’ War

cutter_theimmortalswar_600x900Novel by Leah Cutter, now available!

Tong Yi lives in Taiwan and works as a messenger for Huli Transport—a company that specializes in delivering messages and packages for non–humans. He values his oath to the company and makes heroic efforts to ensure the messages entrusted to him arrive safely and on time.

However, between the awesome motorcycle he rides who insists of “dancing” with him by fishtailing and trying to dump him every chance she gets, and the brewing war between the non–humans, “…or die trying” seems more likely with every message he delivers.

And then his brother turns up as a combatant, and possibly his enemy…

If you enjoy Chinese myths and legends woven into a modern story, you’ll love “The Immortals’ War.”

Available from your favorite retailers.

Uniforms of the Fleet: Volume 1

Authored by Blaze Ward, Illustrated by Shannon Marie Chavez.

Now available!

You fell in love with Jessica Keller and her crew, now see what they look like.

This collection of color plates and descriptions showcases a dozen of your favorite characters, from Jessica and Moirrey to Denis and Dash.

Every plate shows a different uniform, complete with a brief character description, as well as sections on uniform design, insignia, and medals.

Finally, see what Auberon’s Badge looks like as well as Athena.

No fan’s collection is complete without Uniforms of the Fleet, Volume One. Get your copy today.

Available at your favorite retailers.

Steam. And Dragons

From an evil genius desperate for his toast; to an ancient dragon enjoying a modern coffee shop; to amusement parks with dragon rides; and heart-lurching flights with steam-powered beasts; these tales will catapult you into an adventurous journey to the far side of your imagination. Funny, frightening, melancholy, but always memorable, they will touch your heart and leave you with a sense of wonder.

A gem for lovers of diverse fiction and wild rides.

Also be sure to pick up the other two Campcon anthologies! Tales From an Alien Campfire and Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Magic.


Available from your favorite retailers.

Faerie Summer Bundle

Bundle of stories that contains Leah Cutter’s fantasy story: Paulaleena.

The summer sun bathes the earth in warmth and light,

Faeries dance under the moon at night.

Cross through the portal into a land ancient, beautiful, and wild.

See the wonders that enticed the stolen child.

Come away, O reader! To the Realm of Faerie.

But if you want to make it back home, you had better be wary…

This collection includes twenty tales of faeries and magic set in our world – and in others.

Available at your favorite retailers!

 The Island Sampler


Like many writers, Leah Cutter writes all over the map.

She has figured out a way to group her stories together, by time (Past/Present/Future) as well as by energy level (Languid/Exciting/Pulse Pounder).

Then she mapped out all of her novels, and discovered she had five “islands”.

It was time for a treasure map!

Come and taste the flavor of each of Leah Cutter’s very different islands. You may only find one island that delights you, or perhaps you’ll love them all…

For more information (and a picture of The Map) visit Leah Cutter’s site:

Available for $0.99 at your favorite retailers. Or get a copy for free by signing up for Leah’s newsletter!


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