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Of Rifts and Myst

Of Rifts and Myst 

By Leah Cutter

Of Rifts and Myst is the prequel to the novel, Of Myst and Folly.

It sounded like a bomb going off.

But it couldn’t have been a bomb. Or not just a bomb.

Bombs didn’t tear rifts in the sky.

Holes that opened the way for alien mists.

Nathan really didn’t care about that.

He needed to get out of the office building he was trapped in and get to his kids.

And nothing was going to stop him. Not alien mist, not magic, not even the apocalypse.


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Blueberry cover
by Blaze Ward

Shrike and Cullen, orques tired of living on the fringes of the forest and hunted, decide to strike back, declaring war on the elves—the beautiful people—who have driven them off their ancestral lands.

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The Blacksmith’s Song

Blacksmith's Song
by Blaze Ward

The war between good and evil cycles on, forever and more . Foes become allies. Lovers become enemies.

In the forest depths, the Earthmother issues the call to battle.

Who heeds her call?

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The Meat Shield

Meat Shield
by Blaze Ward

A new recruit arrives to join the team, but his troubles have come with him. That’s when everyone remembers that it’s useful to have the big, tough troll around.

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The Doom of Alokai Temple

The Doom of Alokai Temple
by Leah Cutter

The Doom of Alokai Temple is the prequel for the novel, When The Moon Over Kualina Mountain Comes.

Storm lives alone, shunned like all witches for her gift of prophesy. All her visions come true, but at the cost of life, equal to the fortune being told. She can’t hide her gift either: A compulsion to tell the person their future accompanies each augury.

In Storm’s latest vision, she sees the destruction of Alokai temple, as well as the priestesses who burn witches.

How can Storm tell them their fate without revealing her true nature? Can she also escape the doom of Alokai?

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The Desert Ring

The Desert Ring Cover
by Blaze Ward

Love discovered and then cast aside: There is only the desert left.
The following collection of poems tell a single tale of love and devastation.

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Hell By Any Other Name

Hell By Any Other Name Cover
by Leah Cutter

December 21st, 2012 hadn’t been the end of the world, only the Great Unraveling. The veils between the Seen and Unseen worlds shredded, and the living suddenly learned they weren’t alone.

Andy had seen it all, done it all, as a detective when he’d be alive. Now, as a ghost, he works as a private investigator.

A squeaky-clean banker hires Andy for a simple case: to return an item stolen by another ghost.

The catch? The item can’t be real. If it is, it could change Andy’s destiny and open the gates of Heaven to him.

This is the first Shredded Veil Mystery. All the stories about Andy and Toni have been gathered together in the collection The Shredded Veil Mysteries.

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